It has been said that Christianity is the anvil that has wore away a thousand hammers.  Like this anvil, Redemption Road Church has not only overcome many obstacles and survived persecution but has also flourished over the years as a city of refuge for thousands of individuals seeking freedom of worship, love, and growth in their relationship with God.

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     Although born from one man’s calling, the vision for what would become Redemption Road Church was shared equally by Pastor Yocom’s wife, Veronica, and her parents, Harold & Barbara Smith.  Together they led a handful of followers from a storefront building to the construction of a large sanctuary and Christian Academy to facilitate an ever growing congregation and ministry.  With the passing of Harold & Barbara Smith the torch of leadership was handed to their grandson, Jeremiah Yocom.  Following the guidance of the Lord this ministry has continued to prosper under their leadership resulting in Redemption Road Church moving its ministries to the heart of Danville, Kentucky in an effort to potentially reach thousands of people.  As a confirmation of being in the will of our Lord, in the short time since our relocation, over 100 people have received Salvation. God is doing exciting things at RRC, come join us in service and be part of it!

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