Music is a vehicle which the Holy Ghost can use to reach out and touch people’s lives.  We believe music is a form of worship and praise.  When played and sung with these convictions God’s anointing can not only be heard, but can also be felt.  Countless is the sinner who has fallen under conviction by the sweet and tender words of Amazing Grace.  Countless are the lukewarm, who under the power and anointing of many such praise and worship songs, have resolved to turn over the cares of the world to the Lord, to sanctify and commit themselves more holy unto God.  Countless too, are the tears of Christians, shed in joy, as they enter into this praise and worship endeavoring to draw closer in their relationship with our Lord and Savior.


                   PLACE AND GREATEST HONOR                   -MARTIN LUTHER -

Listed below is a sample of our praise and worship music.  For a larger collection of

our praise and worship videos go to  and type in “Jeremiah

Yocom” or “Redemption Road Church” into the search box.  CDs can be purchased on this website under the “Purchase Music” tab.

Jeremiah Yocom : Minister of Music 

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